Naprogenix is a biotechnology company harnessing the power of genomics and high throughput molecular pharmacological screens to access the chemical diversity of native plant species and known medicinal plants. The purpose is to discover novel active compounds useful in their own right, or as leads for agrochemicals, food, health, and well-being industries. Founded in 2002, the company is the exclusive licensee of “Natural Product Genomics” technology developed at the Kentucky Tobacco Research and Development Center.

Executive Summary: Naprogenix, Inc. located in Lexington, Kentucky utilizes its proprietary technology to screen, identify and optimize valuable bioactivity in native plant and crop plant extracts. Effective deployment of this technology has yielded a product pipeline that uniquely addresses a growing demand of multi-billion dollar markets. The Company is launching commercialization efforts of this pipeline of products. These lead products resulted from proprietary screening and selection processes for plant natural products that no other company possesses and at speeds and efficiencies that no other companies match. Because plants produce active compound/extracts for both positive and protective uses, Naprogenix has successfully developed lead products for these types of uses also. Positive use describes compounds/extracts with qualities that address health and well-being. Protective use describes compounds/extracts that may be used as pesticides and herbicides.

Naprogenix Policy for Managing Conflicts of Significant Financial Interests